Restaurant Table Bases Styles

Once you’ve selected the ideal tabletops for your restaurant or hospitality venue, you’ll need a stylish and dependable base. Our collection includes only the sturdiest, most durable bases ensuring that your tabletop is supported and ready-to-work.

At Chicago Booth Manufacturing, we have a variety of bases available. Each base provides a different look, making sure you have the necessary support for your table.

  • Disc

    Made for your round table tops, the strong, round base of the Discus is suited for indoor and outdoor use. This design provides stability and leaves customers with ample leg room. Looking for something special? The Kalypso addition can be added to the Discus model as a decorative alternative.

  • Cross-series

    These restaurant table bases are the most common, the most versatile and also the most economical. Use our specially designed “T-base” Parasol variation for your rectangular table top needs.

  • Cantilever

    When you space is precious, you need tables to be out of the way. Our Cantilever table base is wall mounted and serve as the perfect complement to booths and banquettes. They are also a fantastic way to create wheelchair accessible tables.

Durable Quality You can Trust

At Chicago Booth Manufacturing, we specialize in high-quality, long-lasting restaurant table bases that are made to withstand the daily use of commercial environments. Our table bases also serve well in country clubs, educational settings (schools, libraries, etc), hospitals, and more. We provide warranties on all our construction, guaranteeing a high standard of craftsmanship.

For an estimate on your order contact us today to discuss your specific table base needs!