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Create a Warm, Inviting Environment with Chicago Booth Manufacturing Senior Living Furniture Suppliers

As senior living furniture suppliers, we pride ourselves on producing safe, durable, and easy-to-clean furniture. At Chicago Booth Manufacturing, we create all of our furniture and millwork on-site at our 40,000 square foot Chicago facility with top-of-the-range milling machines and expert staff. We have over 40 years of experience in the trade and make our furniture to last so you can be confident that the residents of your home or center are in good hands.

Comfortable Tables and Chairs for the Dining Hall

In our chair collections, we offer sturdy wood and metal designs with comfortable padded seats and strong backs. These chairs can be customized to the height that best suits the residents’ needs and can also be matched aesthetically to your current decor.

As senior living furniture suppliers, we make sure that our tables come in round and rectangular shapes with optional rounded corners for safety. Laminate is the most common surface material as it is easy to clean. However, depending on the current decor at your residence, our solid wood table tops offer a warm, aesthetic fit and offers a commercial-grade polyurethane finish for maximum protection.

Upholstered Chairs for the Lounge

Create a warm, relaxed feel in the resident lounge with our comfortable, upholstered lounge chairs. You can choose between straight and curved backs and customize the colors to match your decor. We often find that having at least two different lounge chair models gives the residents the choice to see which one they find more comfortable. It is also a great way to break up the room by using different styles in selected areas.

Chicago Booth Manufacturing: Second to None among Senior Living Furniture Suppliers

At Chicago Booth Manufacturing, we are confident that we offer the most creative and durable American-made senior furniture on the market. If your design team already has specific ideas about the furniture styles that would best suit your residence, we can work with them to produce the result of your dreams. If you would value more guidance and suggestions, we can also come up with tailor-made solutions for your situation.

Contact us today to furnish your senior-living center with the best and most dependable senior living furniture on the market!