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American-Made Restaurant Furniture for Small and Large Establishments

Restaurant owners starting a new business or moving to a new location will find all the restaurant furniture they need at Chicago Booth Manufacturing. We provide a wide selection of standard design options for all of our booths, tables, chairs, and barstools to suit the aesthetic of your foodservice establishment.

We can also make fully customized furnishings to match your décor. This includes our booths, tables, chairs, and barstools as well as:

  • trash receptacles
  • cash stations
  • divider walls
  • planters
  • privacy panels

Ask us today about any other millwork you need, and we will be glad to discuss your ideas.

Things to Consider When Furnishing Your Restaurant

Commercial Grade

When deciding which restaurant furniture to buy, it can be tempting to cut costs by purchasing residential-grade pieces. Commercial furniture sometimes carries a higher price tag because it’s made to withstand heavy usage and usually comes with a warranty to cover damages. Our booths come with a ten-year warranty, and our tables and chairs come with a warranty as well (which varies depending on style and series), although you can expect them to last much longer than the warranty period.

Easy to Clean

Another consideration to take into account when purchasing restaurant furniture is how easy it will be to clean. For example, wood and metal are much easier to wipe down after having food and drink spilled on them than a suede or leather armchair. Many of our booths are available with an easy-cleaning crumb strip to conveniently remove crumbs and other particles from behind the seat.

Calculating Your Order

Once you have an idea of which furniture pieces you would like, you will need to measure the area and calculate the number of items that you can fit in your establishment. We can assist you with simple drawings and inspiration photographs from our past clients to help you calculate your furniture needs.

Buy Restaurant Furniture That’s Built to Last

At Chicago Booth Manufacturing, our restaurant furniture is made here in the USA from American materials and is built to last. Just contact us today to get started.